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B7000 Glue 110ml With Fine Tip

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Manufacturer Part Code: 1251222

Brand: Paula,s Original



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B7000 is a self-levelling adhesive suitable for fixing plastics leather metals and woods. Often used to create jewellery mobile phone repairs affix rhinestones in addition to other uses.Appearance: transparent semi-fluid Solid content: 28% -35% After curing Hardness: 70-85A Surface dry time: 6 minutes Full cure time: 24-48 hours Storage: stored at 10 egrees to 28 degrees Usage Please read carefully before using the product – see instructions on the reverse of the product It is best to test a small area first before use Make sure that the surface is clean and dry before use The optimum operating temperature should be between 18-32 degrees Apply to two edges then wait 3-6 minutes then apply a little pressure Allow 48 hours after the optimum adhesive strength Avoid contact with air as this will cure the glue There may be label variations depending on the batch.